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Web Changes

Several customers have asked if we could add a page where they could quickly find the 'what's new' stuff on our web site. Well, here it is!

October 23, 2006 Update

- Just a couple of tiny changes. Another ADA frame color was added to our lineup. These ADA signs with frames are proving quite popular and a customer had a particular need. American Nameplate was there to provide the answer!

October 16, 2006 Update

- A popular product that we hadn't shown before - ADA signs with frames - has now been added along with color chips for frame colors. Your ADA signage can be simply beautiful if you want it to be!
- Added some new tags to our pet identification page.
- Added several new items on our deskplates page. With the gift-giving season coming up, this is an excellent way to remember friends, relatives, co-workers, employers, employees, organization colleagues and others in an inexpensive but VERY personal way!

September 12, 2006 Update

-Added even more information to our ADA page. If you are replacing signs anywhere the public can see them, you really should consider your liability and move towards an ADA-comliant solution. It's relatively inexpensive initially and can save you lots of heartaches later on!
-We're going to start a blog in the very near future. There's just SO much going on in the world outside of signage and nameplates that we thought we'd share it with you. Along the way we'll highlight some of our products as well. We hope you'll find it interesting. Stay tuned.
- Added a sample of our Deer Isle Granite paperweight size plaques here. These make an excellent presentation gift.
- We also have had a couple of calls about our Mailbox Sign. Take a peek at the new picture.

September 1, 2006 Update

-Added some additional information to our ADA page including a new color chart and a more descriptive photo.
-Added a montage photo of some of our industrial/electrical work.
-Added several taxidermy photos. If you do taxidermy work, you need to use these!
-Added a gorgeous example on our plaque/awards page.
-We've also included a series of photos of our popular 'slider' signs. They help you identify room status and are worth their weight in gold towards making your business meeting rooms more private!

August 6, 2006 Update

-Thanks to the sharp eye of Dr. Adams, one of Bangor's finest pediatricians, one of those correctly spelled but incorrectly used words was found. Darn spell checkers never seem to find it when you type "story" instead of "store".... <sigh>.
- We also added some more information on our Personal ID Products page which is still far from complete.

July 27, 2006 Update

At American Nameplate, we're acutely aware of the fact that a misspelled item is of no use to ANYONE! You're not going to pay for our mistakes and we've wasted time, energy and materials getting it done right. As a result, every item is checked by both the engraver (three times minimum - that's the RULE!) as well as by the person who does the packaging. On our web site, it's a bit different and sometimes our web person (who doubles as our Ops Manager in his 'spare' time!) gets yanked off for other things. If you see a typo here, please let us know. It's REALLY embarrassing - and we deduct at least five french fries from Ed's lunch when those things happen which, if you knew Ed, really helps! Thanks. And along those lines, we've gone back to run spell check on several pages....

We're also engaged in a project to add Item Numbers to all of the wonderful things we show on our site. This should make it easier for you to communicate with us and us with you.

July 24, 2006 Update

-Added web changes page (this page).
-Added a whole new section on personal identification products. These are GREAT - and in these days, a real necessity. We'll be adding more here soon.
-Added some additional pictures of pet tags on - yes, that's right - our pet tag page.
-Added an absolutely gorgeous black marble desk plate with engraved black brass. So very classy! We're also changing some of our desk plate pictures. Getting a new digital camera makes SO much difference. We hope you like what you see.
-For some time, we've had a 'sample' directory in our store's display area to show how our customers how easily directory signage can be created. We've finally taken a photo and put it here.
-We've also just realized <DUH!> that we haven't said anything on our web site about our Distributors. For nearly thirty years, we've worked cooperatively with a variety of companies who use our products to compliment those they sell. If your retail store would like to increase revenues, think about a partnership with American Nameplate! There's more information here.