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Formed letters

Formed Plastic & Metal Letters

Whatever your need, we can supply metal and plastic dimensional letters that will identify your building or project properly. They are easy to install yourself and can save you thousands of dollars when you do. Simple installation instructions are included with your order. If desired, a template the size of your installation can be provided for a small additional cost. We've been an authorized Gemini distributor for years and can help you with any project that requires large formed letters.

These dimensional letters are individually created from high-impact plastics or various metals. They are mounted to your sign surface, building wall, or entrance monument.

Dimensional Letters are desirable for the following reasons:

  • Dimensional Letters stand out. They are not on the same plane as your sign background-creating depth to your sign, making it more noticeable than either painted letters or vinyl type lettering.
  • Dimensional Letters are more durable. As long as dimensional letters are made from high-impact plastics (such as Butyrate) or metal; they can be permanently mounted to any surface. Premium materials will last longer, and look better longer than any other form of signage.
  • Dimensional Letters add class & distinction. No matter what type of building, business, or signage need-dimensional letters add a look and feel unlike any flat type of signage.

Formed letter types

Our Most Popular


Designers, Architects and Sign pros choose injection molded Gemini Minnesota Letters for a variety of style and utilitarian reasons:

  • A clean crisp look of cast metal
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lightweight for exhibits and displays
  • Durability to withstand any weather conditions
  • Ease of installation with either studs or pads
  • Quick delivery (usually less than 10 days!)


  • Can be painted in multiple colors to replicate your design
  • Are excellent for Gold Leafing to give the appearance of metal
  • Have quick delivery (usually less than 10 days!)
  • Have over 100 standard styles and 30 standard colors
  • Use Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, a renewable resource plastic
  • Are Guaranteed For Life

And an exciting new option - CAST METAL LETTERS & LOGOS

  • Use mercury and lead free prime ingot
  • Are finished by experienced craftsmen eliminating all surface pits and blemishes
  • Are made to your specifications, and in most cases shipped within two weeks
  • Create no additional scrap, as all excess material is recycled by the manufacturer

Here are some examples of the Cast Metal Colors available:

Cast Finishes

Enamel letters

  • Experience and Expertise
    Our supplier is the world's largest manufacturer of plastic and metal dimensional letters. They have been in business since 1964 and have manufacturing and shipping facilities in seven locations in North America. Their regional facilities reduce the time it takes to ship your order to you
  • Superior Quality and Service
    Using only the finest materials to produce our letters, logos and plaques, whether you choose plastic or metal, each piece is hand-finished and polished according to your specifications. Our goal is to win your business, one order at a time.
  • Lifetime Guarantee Quality Image Should you ever have a problem with your order, we will go out of our way to make it right. If a letter, logo or plaque should ever break, crack, chip, fade or fail to look as good as the day it arrived, we will replace it.


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