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Engraved Brass

Lasting beauty.

Those two words describe our engraved brass offerings. In addition to the pre-cut pieces shown here, American Nameplate daily produces dozens of brass plates, cut to size and engraved to your specifications. Our pricing is based on the square inch size of your product so you can 'have it your way'. There's no extra charge if you'd rather have a 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" piece or a 3" square. And we have brass available up to 12" wide by 24" high so whatever your need, we can likely meet it.


  •  Satin finish or highly polished shiny brass
  •  Black brass
  •  Colored brass (generally special order but some in stock)
  •  Gold aluminum

Most customers choose satin finish brass, engraved so the letters are black, or black brass which provides letters in gold. Whatever your choice, we'll produce a work of art that will enhance your treasure.

Colored Brass is a BIG favorite....

Imagine the pleaure these Cub Scouts will get when the receive their recognition with their name and the date engraved on BLUE brass. The gold letters look just fabulous and brass will last a lifetime.

Beautiful blue brass

In addition to the standard square, we can prepare your brass in one of several ways:

How will YOUR brass piece be cut?

If you use screw holes, we provide the screws. In other cases, we'll place 3M™ Double-Sided Tape on it. This 'industrial strength' tape will provide a lasting seal for years to come.

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Black brass, engraved as a recognition of donors.

Small or large - What do YOU need?

Engraved brass can make any 'treasure' more meaningful....