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What kind of deskplate would you love?

Contemporary or classic, truly vertical or slant, wood or metal, 2-ply laminate or marble: the choices are endless. You probably have an idea of what you want: let us know and we'll be able to make YOUR desk look great!

Click HERE for Font Choices and HERE for Nameplate Color Choices

Solid Walnut Desk Bar with card holder

This is magnificent!

Item #261C - 2" x 10"

This is truly a stunning deskplate and yet well within anyone's budget. A terrific gift for boss, employee or co-worker - or even yourself! Make a statement with understated elegance. Truly a masterpiece.

Engraved Solid Marble Deskplate with Card Holder

This is just gorgeous!
#46 - 2" X 8" - Engraved INTO THE MARBLE and then filled with gold paint
Our MOST popular deskplate for the past several years!

Black Marble Deskplate

Item #46B - Black Marble, without card holder with brass plate with gold border.
Includes one line of engraving - 2" x 8".

Item #46B-10 is the same deskplate in 2" x 10" size.

SO impressive!

Highly polished Black Marble with white veins. Has a black brass plate engraved to show gold lettering. Sample shown has 1/2" Goudy font in all upper case for the first line with 3/8" upper/lower for the second line. Shown is the 46B-10. You could have a gold or colored brass plate on these items if you wish.

Traditional Deskplate                     Item #230 2x8 Silver Deskplate

Item # 183 - Deskplate and Holder 1 1/4" x 6"
Item # 183A - Deskplate and Holder 1" x 6"
Item # 230 - Deskplate and Holder 2" x 8"
Item # 232 - Deskplate and Holder 2" x 10"
Item # 270 - Deskplate and Holder 3" x 8"

This is our most popular product. Pick your color plastic insert and decide on whether you want a chrome (silver) or brass (gold) colored metal deskplate. We'll do the rest. Don't forget to check the options tab also. Have a holder already? Replacement plates are easily available!

Item #220 - Black Acrylic Base
#220 has nicely beveled edges all around!
You choose the color insert!
#220 Clear Acrylic
Your choice of color insert
Walnut stand - Laminate color of your choice
#776 with walnut base - 2"x 8"
Choose #776a for 2" x 10"

Different messages on Different Sides
#450 - 2"x8" / #451 - 2"x10"
This has an engraved or reverse-engraved piece on both sides.

Oak - a beautiful choice
#260 - 2" x 8" / #261 - 2" x 10"
Available in Oak or Walnut
Non-Engraved Marble
Non-engraved Marble Deskplate

#46b - Green Marble / Black Brass


Looking for a 'deskplate' for your office door or cubicle wall? Check our door/wall sign page.

Just a sample of the MANY deskplates we can do for you.