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Sam, the Shop Dog
Sam, our Shop Dog


Pet Tags

Here's an e-mail we recently received from one of our customers:

Hi Pam--the other morning a chocolate lab showed up at our house. He was obviously lost and confused. He had on a collar with a rabies tag but nothing else. Maybe he had an embedded chip, but I wouldn't know without taking him to a vet to check. How I thought how helpful it would be if he had on a visual tag like you made for me.  While we were wondering what to do, he drifted away, hopefully to hook up with his owners. Thank you for making our tags.  I suspect there isn't huge amounts of money to be made by you making these tags, but it sure gives us replicas iwc peace of mind, as I think it would for other pet owners. Say hello to Sam--he's a beaut and very lucky to have such a great life. And I have to think he's great company for you. Attached is a pic of my good friend Winston with the id tag you made for us.  Paul

Winston - and tag!

We have many varieties of metal pet tags for sale and we MACHINE ENGRAVE (not laser) them. We also produce engraved plastic discs like the one you see on Winston. They're bright and they're visible even if the animal won't come real close to you, and they are practically indestructible.

For just a dollar or two more, why not protect YOUR precious pet with an engraved disk? Engraved one side or both with the same or different text. Use an 'S' hook to attach to your pet's collar; we'll provide the hole for it. Buy one TODAY!

Your choice of colors but we recommend white lettering on red plastic for visibilitiy.

In addition, we have engraved aluminum pet tags as shown below

Dog/Cat Tag

Dog TagPet Tag

Pepsi BlueMedium PurplePet TagPet Tag

Each tag comes with an "S" hook. Simply use a pair of pliers to affix it to your pet's collar.