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American Nameplate
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Sam, the Shop Dog
Sam, our Shop Dog


Beautiful, vibrant and durable!Snapi* Color Namebadges

Vibrant Graphics   ...   Brilliant Color  
Your Imagination

Snapi Color Badges are GREAT!A whole new concept in personal identification, our SNAPI product offers full-color logos and photographs. Even those who've long resisted wearing a namebadge embrace this bright, good-looking and very highly professional identification tool.

Simple logos and style - or whatever you want!Durable? This product can be used as a keytag, kept in a pocket or purse rubbing constantly against keys and coins, and yet still retain its freshness. It resists scratching and stains from food, grease or YSL Replica Handbags anything that might ruin a 'standard' nametag. Stains and spills are easily removed with a damp cloth.

This product also offers a chance to have FAR more information on a nametag than in the past. Logos and graphic design, borders, font choices, PMS color matching, and more are all available with this GREAT nametag.

Some companies want to have a consistent 'look and feel' but differentiate their tags in some way. Our SNAPI tags are the PERFECT Replica Celine Handbags product and there's no additional setup charge for different color tags

Cut-down SNAPI tag in white      Cut-down tag in gold

You can have a vibrant full-color tag, complete with your company or group logo along with an address, individual title, and even a photo for just a few pennies more than the 'standard' 1x3 engraved tag. They're worn vertically or horizontally, using pins, magnets, alligator/bulldog clips, lanyards or other types of fasteners.

Before you order your next nametag, talk to us about this truly remarkable Prada Replica Handbags product!

*SNAPI - Sublimated Nametags And Photo Identification

Snapi Badge Board

Snapi* cards accept any color logo or photo although (obviously) some work better than others. Light colors are best for logos and photos while monocolor, black logos and text-only badges are fine on any color which will provide a background contrast.

Full color, logos, and more!

Stock colors on hand
Click on the card to see a printed example

CRANBERRY is a beautiful color This is our GOLD. It's full and rich. BLACK- particularly with gold lettering is luxurious This is WHITE- bet you'd have never guessed.... <grin> Our GREY tag is lovely! ORANGE may be just what you're looking for Perfect for a number of situations - RED GREEN is absolutely lovely for a namebadge A BEIGE tag is extrodinary with color logos BRONZE gives a rich hue - A great choice

Our standard stock on hand includes all of these colors in a standard size of 2 1/4" x 3 3/8" - .30mm thickness (about the size/weight of a credit card). We also stock both white and gold in a smaller standard size of 1 1/2" x 3" with a .60mm thickness . Other colors are also available.

Cut to YOUR desired size....These nametags can be cut to a specific size of your specification for an small additional per card charge.


You decide the font! Nearly any true-type or engraver's font is available for no additional charge and we can generally match your logo's typeface if desired. Want to have printing PMS matched to your company color standards? We can do that for a nominal additional charge.

Photo tag Photo Tag

Cut to size

Tags can be cut to your dimensions

Photo tag
Edge to edge with a photo!

Talk to us TODAY about this excellent and exciting product that will make YOUR tags really stand out!