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Sam, the Shop Dog
Sam, our Shop Dog


Our Product Gallery

Sadly, our production schedule sometimes precludes our taking pictures of the wonderful projects we've done. We complete our work and rush it to our customer - and then wish we'd taken a photo to show others. Here are some examples of our work that we've managed to 'capture' before they got away....

Owner's Pride

Fast Installation

Above: Prison Signage & Cast Bronze Plaques plus Installation
A multi-million dollar multi-site construction project
with signage throughout created and installed by American Nameplate
Changeable directories are just what you need!
Reverse engraved - gold paint filled
Oval sign - Reverse Engraved - Gold Paint Filled
Just beautiful!
For YOUR boat!
Great for YOUR organization!
We can create what YOU need!
A custom engraved logo
A gift for "The Gov"
Recognition and Remembrance
Bangor Masonic Hall Fire Momento
Perpetuate the memory....
Onyx blocks for engraving
Onyx blocks
Navigation lights panel