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Sam, the Shop Dog
Sam, our Shop Dog



Do you sell nametags? Are wallplates and deskplates something you might like to add to your product line?

If so, American Nameplate can help. We presently have a broad network of printers, uniform shops, bookstores, and other retailers who feature our products in their stores or sales areas. As an American Nameplate distributor, you'll have access to counter displays, sales material, and a completely 'unbranded' website that you can call your own. You take the order and tell your customer to return in a week to ten days (or whatever timeline you feel is appropriate). They'll gladly do so understanding that these are personalized products, not produced on site.

You then place your order by mail, by fax, e-mail,audemars piguet replica or using a custom-designed and private section of our website. Immediately upon our receipt, production begins. Your order will be back to you promptly and you'll be able to have your customer come in once again - another opportunity for additional sales.

A special request? Not a problem. Call or e-mail and we can talk you through what you need to know to create a satisfied customer and close the sale!

No order is too small for us and you shouldn't bypass another possible revenue source!

The process is easy....

Contact us today and we'll send you our Distributor Application. You'll be glad you did!