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Color Chart
for 2-Ply Laminated Plastic

Please remember that your computer monitor's settings may distort this display to some extent.

Red/White Ruby/Maroon Pebbled sapphire/white Black/Gold

It is important to note that woodgrain materials may not be 100% consistent with those purchased years ago, much like die-lots of yarn. Unless you request otherwise, plastic is 1/16" two-ply. Special order materials can include 1/32" two-ply or 1/8" two or three-ply. Three ply material can be engraved on both sides. Satin materials do have a tendancy to fade over a period of years.

Non-Glare for Reverse Engraved Signage OR ADA

This material is reverse engraved and then paint-filled with the color of your choice. Our samples show either white or black filling but you can choose any color-fill based on your particular color scheme. There is a nominal upcharge for this product.  These materials are suitable for outdoor use: they are non-glare, resist fingerprints and scratches, are UV stable and resist fading.

Matte/Ocean Blue Matte Ruby Matte Orange Matte Teal

Important Note: Not all colors/materials work equally well outdoors. Please consult our staff for their recommendations!


We engrave a variety of colored and gold brass. Our normal engraving is done on satin finish gold brass which produces a black letter OR on black colored brass (where the engraved letters are gold). Additional colors (blue, red, teal and others) are available as well and will make your engraved product very unique. We also stock a selection of engravable aluminum with gold and colored finish.