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Cable Tags / Wire Tags

Cable tags - Professional!To wrap around wires or pipes!

One bundle or a thousand!

Durable, visible, flexible and inexpensive, 1/32" thick cable/wire tags ~ engraved to your specifications in any size.

Ordering made easy

Tell us your standards: we'll keep them on file so ordering can be a snap. Then just fax or e-mail the text and 48 hours later, quality inexpensive tags will be on their way to you.

We can also set up an order form just for you on our web site. Enter the text, press the button, and your order is just seconds from reaching us. No more call backs or wrong tags due to illegible handwriting: your password protected online ordering page will be designed especially for YOU!

What could be easier? Join a host of electricians and contractors: get needed cable tags quickly and efficiently. We look forward to adding you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

One tag or a thousand: quick turn-around on your order! We understand the time demands you're facing: we can help!

What text do you need? Fast, inexpensive, convenient

Legend Plates? We do those too!

Don't forget, if you need electrical tags/legend plates, we provide those as well. Check them out here.

Pendant Tags? Of course! See our page here.