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Just a few of our nametags....School/College Nametags

Identify your students and publicize your school with custom-designed nametags. You staff and students will be proud to wear them and they'll serve as identification when at external training venues. We can help define your need and these tags are VERY cost-competitive!

Options Galore!

  •  Engraved or sublimated
  •  Photo if desired
  •  Return address for lost tags
  •  Logos - easily reproduced with your graphic
  •  Wide variety of fasteners

What do YOU want for your school? We make ordering easy and will custom-design ordering forms that allow you to delegate nametag ordering to anyone on your staff.

Custom Designs for you~~~

Our client wanted to identify their students by class but not have to change tags every year. They also wanted to promote school spirit with their seal.

They used black 1" x3" military-style engraved tags so we produced this pin with an adhesive tape back.

Maine Maritime Academy's Seal

And to allow them to identify their students by class, we developed these:

Identity - by class!

Military tag with custom-made disk

We can help YOUR school create a unique identity as well - at low prices!


Engraving to your specifications - and SO much more!