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Perpetual PlaquePerpetual Plaques

Memorial Plaques

Recognition Plaques

Had a great fundraising? If you want to thank your donors AND gain their support for future projects you should consider a perpetual plaque. Leave extra spaces and you may find that you'll get even more donations long after your fundraising project is finished.

Want a meaningful way to recognize employees or members who've retired or passed on A beautiful plaque shows that you're an organization that really cares.

The most common is the wood plaque with a header and individual donor plates underneath but we can create plaques based on your particular needs. Give us a call and we can find replique montre something beautiful and cost-effective. We also do donor/memorial plaques in various shapes with donor plates to enhance the imagery. (Want a big tree plaque with donor plates shaped like leaves? Absolutely!)

With a plaque like these you build goodwill with all who see it. Seize the opportunity today!

Recognition Plaque Large mrmorial/recognition plaque Wide choice of finish....
A beautiful memorial honor plaque

The plaque to your right was made by us some 20 years ago.
We'll be doing a 'match' for it in the near future.
Enduring, lasting beauty - from American Nameplate!

The enduring quality of our work!

And if a plaque isn't exactly what you're looking for - and you're name list is known, don't forget that we can do beautiful engraved brass for recognition and honor purposes. The piece below is black brass, 12" wide by 20" tall.

Engraved black brass.

Whenever you need to recognize a group or commemorate an event,
look to American Nameplate for your every need.