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Sam, the Shop Dog
Sam, our Shop Dog


Sam - The "Shop Dog"

There are a LOT of companies in our area who've been featuring dogs in their advertising. There are some awfully cute ones but Sam is OUR guy! And scroll down for some pics of Sam's Feline Friends!!!

'Sam on his bed

Sam often insists on his own way but he's (almost) always very obedient. Sam came from the Bangor Humane Society, a local shelter that does extraordinary work, and he's never far from 'where the action is'. Sam comes to work every day (when you're part of the owner's family, you don't have much choice!) and he's always glad to see our staff. He 'makes the rounds' 3-4 times each day to collect a cookie and a pat from everyone.

Sam LOVES Brown!

Sam LOVES Brown

Sam loves cookies. Sam loves people. Sam loves people who give him cookies. Sam also has very much 'taken' to those guys and gals who appear each day in a uniform that matches his 'clothing' pretty closely. (You can't see it from the pictures but Sam even has a bit of a white stripe in his too....)

Twice a day - morning and afternoon - a UPS driver stops by and Sam has ALL of them very well trained! He'll sit quietly while they deliver or sign the manifest for the pickup but then, he EXPECTS his treat. (And don't let those gloves fool you: it was a pretty chilly day when we took this picture - we're in Maine and it was February!). Dan and all the repliche orologi delivery folks at UPS think the world of Sam - and Sam sure does think the world of them!

Folks have asked about Sam's breed. Like a lot of shelter dogs, it's not quite certain. The one thing that everyone is sure of though: Sam's a REAL pet and he's as happy to be with us all as we are to have him.

Sam - Our Guy!

Sam says "Order Today. It means more cookies for me!"

MORE cookies!!! Sam tells 'em the rules!

Sam is ALWAYS around - usually sleeping....

Sam relaxing...

but he's always alert to the opportunity for a pat or a cookie!

Keeping one eye open for that camerea guy!

And even though a LOT of our photos show Sam lying down,

Pensive Sam

it's because when he's in motion, the camera's just not fast enough!

The whirling dervish

While Sam is at one of our production facilities every day,
at home waits , the cats!

Here's COURAGEOUS (also known as Tank)
and WUZZIE (also known as Gurl)....

The chubby cats

And we can't forget LATTE!

Latte The Cat

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