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Die Cut Brass

... Turn any item into an heirloom ~ with a custom engraved nameplate!

Our pre-cut brass will add elegance to that special treasure. Whether it's a portrait, sculpture, object de-art, jewelry box or other fine item, an engraved brass plate will add quality and class. We also cut brass to order - all day, every day - so don't feel that you must pick one of these die-cut pieces. It costs no more to get EXACTLY the size you want. Scroll down for more information.

Some Examples

Note: Items are not actual size
These represent some of our standard die-cut brass:
additional sizes and shapes available.
Please contact us for additional information.

Business card size
A lovely oval
Note: The bright luster of the two items at the bottom make photography very difficult. They are, though, beautiful pieces!

Decorative brass for any reason!

Die cut metal

We also offer other die-cut pieces that are sure to please

(Minimum order - 25 pieces on the three items shown below)

Decorative plates are SO attractive!

In addition to the die-cut pieces shown above,
we also engrave brass signs, plaques and more ~ to YOUR specifications
and there's no additional cost!.


  •  Satin finish or highly polished shiny brass
  •  Black brass
  •  Colored brass (generally special order but some in stock)
  •  Gold aluminum

Most customers choose satin finish brass, engraved so the letters are black, or black brass which provides letters in gold. Whatever your choice, we'll produce a work of art that will enhance your treasure.

Size? You tell us. If you didn't see a die-cut piece you liked, let us know. We can engrave in ANYreplique montres bonne size up to and including 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet! There's no extra charge to cut to YOUR dimensions. We can either size your text to fit the piece or fit the piece to fit your text requirements: either way ~ your choice!

Here's a small piece created as a sample. It's 1/2" x 2 1/2" on black brass. What size do YOU need?

Brass cut to YOUR specifications!

Bangor Masonic Hall Fire - Black Brass

We can prepare your brass in one of several ways:

How will YOUR brass piece be cut?

If you use screw holes, we provide the screws. In other cases, we'll place 3M™ Double-Sided Tape on it. This 'industrial strength' tape will provide a lasting seal for years to come.

Fax us your ideas today and we'll give you a quote. You may be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive such beautiful recognition can really be.

Need Door or Wall Signs?

We can do brass cut to size at no extra cost or you might choose one of these beautiful pieces....

Engraved brass with gold border
Just beautiful!
Formed brass for doors or walls